International Business Information Systems (IBIS) Journal provides information and links on corporate information systems, VPNs, cryptocurrencies, security and other topics. In the world of modern business, all these factors are of great importance. Information systems need a solid security architecture. VPNs are a popular tool to protect sensitive business information while it is being sent over public networks. And cryptocurrencies offer new payment options and investment opportunities.

The comprehensive report includes market analysis, segment overview, company profiles, expert viewpoints and more.
Describes the process of transition from old corporate VPNs to a modern zero-trust security architecture.
Outlines some cryptocurrency trading strategies and practices, their advantages and disadvantages.
A decent overview of various aspects of crypto trading: types of digital assets, trading strategies, crypto exchanges etc.
A list of best crypto exchanges with ratings, reviews, comparison, fees and other details.
A review of top five instant crypto exchanges.

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